Fashion Events, Photo Shoots, Aesthetic Support, Grooming

Fashion events are perfect only when they have right touch of glamour in all aspects. Beautiful & Handsome Models, their appearance, Posture, attire, apt Choreography, make up & hairstyles, Jewelry and the required ambiance at the venue. Not an easy task, right? Stay assured because we arrange all this for you! Not only with Professional Models but also with Amateur Models like Corporate employees in their organization’s events. Below are our offerings for Fashion Events.

Identifying & selecting right models for the Fashion shows and Shoots.
Selecting High Class Costumes & Styling Support.
Professional Make up, Hair Styling & Jewelry.
Fashion Choreography & Model Grooming.
Production support at Venue including Stage, Light, Sound, DJ, EMCEE and Panel of Judges etc..
Fashion Photography, Video Shooting and Studio Setup.