Production Support, Set Design, Lights, Sound, LED Walls, Trussing, Video Shooting, Photography

When it comes to organizing any event , creating right ambiance is a very crucial part of element of an event. However the same becomes a very costly affair if not planned rightly. We are extremely proficient and have adequate set of offerings that include best quality equipments, decorative stage designs, sturdy long lasting material, professional workers and creative artists in a cost effective manner. Below are the offerings we provide in Production Support.

Production Support for the entire event.
Box and Goal Post Trussing for hanging lights and sound.
Advanced Lights and 3 way Line Array Sound System.
Decorative Set Designs and LED Walls setup.
Professional Photography and Video Shooting equipments.
Professional team of operators including Light Designers, Sound Engineers, DJs, LED Operators, Photographers and Cameraman.